Digital HR management with Intrexx

Our digital HR management is the foundation for digitizing your HR department. With the comprehensive solutions, from recruiting to training management, employees can develop their full potential.

Human Resources Management

Maintain the master data of employees. Manage illness, vacation or documents.

Applicant Management

With applicant management, you have the application process firmly under control.

Training management

Simply handle internal or external trainings which are relevant for your employees.


Discover social collaboration with Intrexx Share. Exchange information with each other about business processes and document the communication in a meaningful way.

What is HRsuite ?

The HRsuite is a bundle of applications for the Intrexx framework, you access the full potential of one of the most successful development platforms for portal technology. The professional management of the employee lifecycle saves time, costs, and is an important factor in the internal and external presentation of your company. We accompany you professionally in Intrexx project management to your HR solution. Find out more about other portal management options at

Digitize your company smartly, quickly and innovatively.

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Features - Personnel management

The comprehensive digital personnel management enables you to manage employees successfully and efficiently.

  • Management of master data of employees.
  • Maintenance of certificates of incapacity for work, illnesses and accidents at work.
  • Digital leave application for employees, incl. approval process.
  • Certificate and document management.
  • Template management for print documents or e-mails.
  • Digital personnel file.
  • Task management incl. onboarding and offboarding.

Features - Training management

Our training management is the basis of your corporate event management. Organize employee training, external seminars or the next Christmas party. You can define general training needs of occupational groups and thus receive a training matrix according to ISO9001.

  • Management of training and instruction.
  • Easily assign staff to training sessions.
  • Printing of participant lists.
  • The light version is part of the HRsuite. In event management, you can also maintain lecturers or make room bookings and manage any form of event.
  • Training matrix in terms of ISO 9001:2015

Features - Applicant Management

The applicant management system maps a complete application process within the company, right through to the smooth transfer to HR management.

  • Interfaces to common job portals.
  • Management of job advertisements and applicants.
  • Communication and appointment management.
  • Mapping of applicants to job advertisements or unsolicited applications.
  • Dashboard with all time-relevant information and distribution of applicants to the departments of their company.
  • Deletion processes/ DSGVO compliant.

Feature - Social Intranet

Intrexx Share is an application developed directly by the manufacturer – United Planet – of Intrexx. In our project management, we seamlessly integrate the social collaboration solution into your portal. Connect every application with the social network. Talk about business transactions, exchange documents, and strengthen your internal communication.


Special features

What can you do with HRsuite?


Easy handling of the digital personnel file.


The templates allow you to quickly generate mail merge letters or emails.

Selective mail function

Emails from a list or directly from the employee.

Onboarding and offboarding

Ideally manage the employee lifecycle with task lists.

Responsive design

Usable on all devices.


Server or PaaS.


Dashboards for a quick overview of the tasks to be done.


Flexibly adaptable to their design.


Smooth integration of additional applications and partner solutions.

The HRsuite as part of your Digital Workplace.

  • Goods and materials management for Intrexx (ERP)
  • eProcurement/ eCommerce for Intrexx
  • Fleet Management
  • Event management for Intrexx
  • Contract management for Intrexx
  • Further solutions for Intrexx

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What you should know about HRsuite.

How can I use HRsuite?
HRsuite is based on web technology, the suite can be called up via the browser. You can operate the suite via any end device.
Is the HRsuite secure?
You determine the security measures. You can install the suite on a server or use it via a cloud. The security measures are based on modern standards.
What technology does HRsuite use?
The HRsuite is programmed on the basis of Intrexx and offers all the advantages of the innovative framework.
Is there an app?
The suite uses the Intrexx app, so you can receive push messages on your cell phone.
What distinguishes HRsuite from other systems?
HRsuite is an application bundle of HR-related modules. You can scale applications as you wish and add further modules. Furthermore, you can expand or individualize HR processes. The suite is therefore a start for smart, fast and innovative digitization.
Are there interfaces to other systems?
HRsuite has standard interfaces to third-party systems. You can easily connect many types of systems, including SAP, ERP systems, CRM systems, online portals, homepages and many more.